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The Renaissance Seraphim Disc Music Box

The Renaissance Seraphim Music Box is an exclusive limited edition hand-built music box crafted by Renaissance Design. Only one of ten, this exquisite music machine is unlike any other music box design of the past or present.

This wonderful music box features the only high-quality double-comb disc musical movement made today. Built in the manner of the Regina music boxes from the late 1800s, this machine features an American-made 15-1/2″ disc movement by Dwight Porter. This astounding instrument boasts 156 notes across two steel combs, producing a wider harmonic range than a piano. The result is an enchanting music box that allows the listener to enjoy any music with incredible richness.

The cabinet was hand built in the Renaissance workshop, crafted from the finest book-matched burl and butt grain walnut with East Indian ebony trim in each raised door panel. Turned finals, fluted columns, and a turned gallery top outfit the case in marvelous style. Above, the music box disc revolves behind a floral hand-beveled copper foil-leaded glass door, framed by carved scrollwork door spandrels. Below, the lower cabinet opens to house up to 400 discs.

This beautiful machine comes with 12 discs of your choice, with over 1,000 tunes available on new discs to choose from today and new titles added each year. A wide selection of traditional, classical, and contemporary titles provides ample selection. In addition, the machine will play any 15-1/2″ antique Regina or Polyphon disc, further enhancing your musical availability.

There is no other musical instrument that can emulate this enchanting sound, giving this captivating music box unique charm and the ability to enjoy familiar melodies with a new appreciation.

This astounding musical machine carries a one-year warranty.

81″ High x 36″ Wide x 22″ Deep


SKU: REN S9 $32,500 Inquire
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  • American
  • The Renaissance Seraphim Disc Music Box
  • Burl & Butt Grain Walnut Case
  • East Indian Ebony Trim
  • Floral Beveled & Copper Foil Glass
  • Dwight Porter 156 Note Musical Movement
  • 12 Discs Included
  • 81″ High x 36″ Wide x 22″ Deep
  • One Year Warranty
  • Contemporary