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Chinese Opium Set in Hand Decorated Case

This Chinese opium set comes in a hand decorated black enamel case. Depicting lovely paintings of birds and fauna and appointed with silver and brass fittings. The pipe is constructed of bamboo, ebony, and brass. The two domed and engraved silvered vessels are recessed into the top.  The smaller vessel for storage while the larger one serves as the burner. It also has two small drawers over one long one.

9″H x 9″W x 5″D

Circa 1930

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  • Chinese Opium Set
  • Hand Decorated Black Enamel Case
  • Pipe and Vessels
  • Silver, Brass, Bamboo, and Ebony Fittings/Fixtures
  • Small Storage Drawers
  • 9″H x 9″W x 5″D
  • Circa 1930