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French Bronze Sculpture “La Fortune” Signed Moreau-Vauthier

La Fortune (also known as L’Abondance) depicts a classically inspired female personifying abundance and prosperity. In one hand, the beautiful subject holds a cornucopia overflowing with fruits and flowers. In the other hand, she holds a ship’s rudder close to her side, which can symbolize being in control of one’s fate. The woman stands gracefully with one foot raised on a pinwheel set on a half globe, thought to symbolize how easily fate can shift or change.

Moreau-Vauthier’s version of this subject is particularly notable for its masterful rendering of the human form visible in the figure’s billowing windswept robes and softly styled hair. The enchanting depiction is cast in bronze, which adds to its durability and longevity and features a warm and rich patinated finish.

The sculpture bears the signature, Moreau-Vauthier 1878, with foundry mark F Barbedienne, Paris.
28″ High x 7″ Wide x 10″ Deep
Circa 1878


SKU: EANT 68 P $4,750
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  • French
  • Bronze Sculpture
  • Signed Moreau-Vauthier 1878
  • Foundry Mark F Barbedienne, Paris
  • 28″ High x 7″ Wide x 10″ Deep
  • Circa 1878