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French Red Tortoiseshell Boulle Marquetry Tantalus with Moser Glass

Enjoy your finest libations in elegance and luxury with this magnificent French tantalus. This beautifully preserved set holds four square-cut decanters and 14 matching cordial glasses, all crafted by the famed Czechoslovakian luxury glassmaker Moser. Each glass piece features gilt decoration along the edges with elaborate gilt details of grapes and vines throughout. The glassware rests within a removable handled interior, which can be lifted out for your convenience when serving and entertaining.

The intricate cabinet is finely made of rich red tortoiseshell and crafted in the distinctive Boulle style. Andre Charles Boulle was one of the most influential cabinet makers in history, made famous for perfecting a style of intricate marquetry named in his honor. Elaborate designs of gilded brass hallmark the Boulle style, often inlaid into tortoiseshell and cut into intricate flowing floral, foliate, and scrollwork motifs. Boulle-style marquetry exudes opulence and is prized among collectors for its astounding craftsmanship in examples such as this amazing French tantalus.

11″ High x 13″ Wide x 10″ Deep

Circa 1850

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  • French Tantalus
  • ┬áRed Tortoise Shell & Brass Boulle Marquetry Case
  • 4 Gilt Decanters & 14 Gilt Cordial Glasses By Moser
  • 11″ High x 13″ Wide x 10″ Deep
  • Circa 1850