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Bronze Sculpture of a Family of Bobcats by Nicholas Wilson

This captivating patinated bronze sculpture depicts a family of bobcats. The sculpture displays wonderful detail with a male bobcat on alert perched atop  a lean-to of logs. Below, a nursing female and kittens take shelter amongst the likeness of the terrain. The sculpture rests upon a sleek beveled wood base and displays a soft patina which highlights the dimension of the piece nicely.

The bronze, titled “The Arizona Wildcat Family,” is the work of respected wildlife artist Nicholas Wilson. The 11-1/2 foot tall original of this sculpture stands at the University of Arizona, Tucson campus. Installed at the University in 2004, the sculpture is representative of the school’s mascot and a symbol of the university family.

14″ High x 10″ Wide x 8” Deep

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  • Modern Bronze Sculpture
  • “The Arizona Wildcat Family”
  • By Nicholas Wilson
  • 14″ High x 10″ Wide x 8” Deep
  • Circa 2010