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Swiss Hand Carved Walnut Musical Mantel Clock

This one-of-a-kind musical mantel clock artfully combines horological skill, complex musical movements, and masterful craftsmanship. Mechanical achievements such as musical clocks would have been at the forefront of technological advancement during their time and among some of the highest luxuries to own.

This expertly carved walnut clock showcases a hunter resting in the forest alongside his dog and their catch. Carved in high relief and dramatic detail, the scene truly captures the woodland surroundings. Vines and moss drape from the clock as though the hunter has halted in the thick of the forest. Furthermore, fallen branches and leaves make up the clock’s base recreating the forest floor. The hunter’s clothing exhibits expert detail, showcasing the texture and creasing of his garments. The animals are meticulously carved, capturing their fur and musculature in remarkable realism.

The clock face rests at the center of the scene, displaying the time on brass Roman numerals. An 8-day movement powers the clock which strikes a bell every hour and half-hour. Exhibiting intricate detail inside and out, an early 10 1/2 inch, six-tune cylinder music box resides inside the case, poised to play a song at each hour or at will.

Finally, this wonderful clock is signed “Mont.” and was retailed by Gott. Lluenberg Interlaken.

29″ High x 30″ Wide x 13″ Deep

Circa 1860

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  • Swiss
  • Carved Walnut Case
  • Signed “Mont.” Retailed By Gott. Lluenberg Interlaken
  • Early 10 1/2″, Six-Tune Cylinder Music Box Movement Triggering A Song On The Hour Or At Will
  • 8-May Movement With Half Hour Bell Stike
  • Fully Restored, One Year Warranty
  • 29″ High x 30″ Wide x 13″ Deep
  • Circa 1860